Where I invest:

Delphia – a cool data-driven robo-advisor that invests your money for you by learning from its users’ data from Facebook, Twitter, bank, & more. You can choose not to share your data with them, but if you do, they waive monthly fees & you get to help make their algorithms even smart. Use my code LVZJR when you sign up to get 100 tickets in a $10 million drawing.

BlockFi – I keep most of my crypto with BlockFi, where I earn 6% on my Bitcoin, & up to 8% on stablecoin (cryptocurrencies pegged to the dollar, so effectively cash you deposit with them). Get $10 free when you sign up & deposit $100.

Coinbase – if you own crypto, you’re probably already on Coinbase, since it’s the gold standard of trading in dozens of different cryptocurrencies. Get $10 when you sign up & deposit $100, plus $100 more when you complete educational crypto tutorials.

Robinhood – the easiest way to trade stocks as well as some of the most common cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, etc). They don’t let you move your crypto off-app to another wallet, which isn’t ideal, but since I keep most of my stocks on Robinhood, they’re the quickest way for me to rotate from equities to crypto on a dip. Get a free share of stock when you sign up!

Public.com – it’s Robinhood meets a social network, where you can follow your favorite investors & invest in the same companies they do, & (coming soon) reserve shares in a company at IPO. Get a free share of stock when you sign up.

Note: I may receive compensation when you sign up through any of the links above, but each of these is a product I personally use & believe in.