My Inspiration Stack

Many people talk about a company’s “tech stack”, i.e. the various software used across marketing, operations, sales, etc. Ultimately, whether you choose WordPress or Squarespace for your website will not matter a ton. Each has ramifications for SEO, how long it takes to make an edit, but your choice won’t have a step change impact overall.

Much more important than your “tech stack” is your “inspiration stack”. I subscribe & unsubscribe from newsletters, discover & re-read blog posts & bookmark my favorite podcasts, trying to find the best ideas & inspiration across the Internet.

Here you go!


Morning Brew – a daily 5-minute read that keeps you informed on all the important business happenings.

Not Boring – twice-a-week, Packy McCormick writes a deep dive on a new company. Past issues have covered Tencent, Alibaba, Slack, Twilio, Facebook, & more. One of the

Axios Sports – a daily quick read that goes deep into relevant sports stories, while also keeping me updating on daily sports news

Monday Musings – each Monday, David Perell shares a few ideas he’s discovered, is pondering, or wants to share. Always interesting, never old.

The Pomp Letter – Anthony Pompliano writes a weekly letter (daily for paid subscribers) about bitcoin, finance, & investing. One of the most adept on the Internet at digesting complex material & communicating it in an easy-to-understand way.


Why are CEOs failing software engineers? – a fantastic article about good creative management. My favorite part is about the 4 states of value & how to think about value creation.

What is Amazon? – a unique perspective on the most important company of our time. After reading it, you’ll never walk into a Wal-Mart or buy something on Amazon & feel the same way again.

Ads don’t work that way – a masterful article that explains why & how ads work. You’ll never look at an ad the same way again.


Naval Ravikant on the Tim Ferris Show – a rare conversation with a 21st century titan about choose which games to play, reducing anxiety, & the outlook for crypto.

Balaji Srinivasan on the Tim Ferris Show – a far-reaching conversation that touches on the futures on India, China, & the US, why legacy East Coast institutions are clamping down on ideas, & how the future of work might be pseudonymous.

Michael Saylor on the Pomp Podcast – featuring the most comprehensive argument on why Bitcoin is not only here to stay, but is the best rational investment one can make.

Chamath Palihapitiya on the Knowledge Project with Shane Parrish – excellent conversation that sheds light into how Chamath approaches & makes decisions, & how to be self-aware.