NFT Project: 2 Hours of My Time


This is a simple page providing more info on “2 HOURS OF LUKE CANNON”, redeemable for 2 hours of my time helping you on whatever you want, pending my consent once you specify the task.

If you hold the NFT, you can “use” it at any time by sending it to my wallet: lukecannon.eth.

Then, DM me on Twitter @ lukecannon727 with what you’d like my help on – could be coaching, strategy, marketing help, coming on your podcast, etc. – if you follow me on Twitter or LinkedIn, you’ll know where my expertise lies.

You can use the NFT immediately, or if you’ll think I’ll be a “someone” in the future, you can hold it until then, up to you!

This is an NFT experiment & I may release others like it in the future.