NFT Central

Hey! I’m Luke. I’m building Timeless (evergreen tweet automation) & do marketing at AppSumo, while also building Modern Money, a daily live show about everything web3. You can view my NFT collection here.

Bookmark this page & use it as a hub of key shortcuts to resources in the NFT space. If you have any suggestions for what to add to it, DM me on Twitter!

Tools & Links:

Gas Now – live gas prices on Ethereum

OpenSea – the largest & best marketplace for NFTs on Ethereum & Polygon

RarityTools – the top website for ranking NFTs by rarity within collections, but only supports the most popular projects

NiftyRiver – another website that ranks NFTs by rarity within collections, & usually the first rarity website where projects get listed (i.e. pre- RarityTools)

UniSwap or SushiSwap – the easiest & cheapest ways to swap WETH back to ETH (swapping ETH to WETH is easy to do on OpenSea itself when you go to place a bid)

IcyTools – one of the best tools for researching upcoming & ongoing NFT collections

Nansen – the top tool for analyzing NFT projects, including data on smart money, though it’s not free to use

Dune Analytics – another great tool for researching & analyzing NFT projects, & free! This is an awesome Dune dashboard on OpenSea volume.

People to follow:

Sartoshi – every NFT collector’s favorite memer

Benyamin Benoni – 13-year-old NFT prodigy who doesn’t have a bank account but became a millionaire with his Weird Whales collection


pm – founded Square, now working on Adventures, an NFT card game

Dom – creator of Loot, one of 2021’s most successful NFT projects, that made random basket NFTs popular

TheBrettWay – shares a ton of interesting NFT insights on both his Twitter & YouTube channel, & the guy behind the Magic Mushroom Clubhouse NFT project

Andrew Wang

Cozomo de’ Medici – Snoop Dogg’s alt account (no joke) where he talks about his NFT escapades

Zeneca – writes an awesome daily thread on how the NFT markets are moving


Greg Isenberg – experts on all things product, community, & web3

Alexander – works at OpenSea 🙂

Jack Butcher – web2 designer & entrepreneur turned web3 memer

Nathan Roth – very talented web2 CMO now deep in web3

6529 – writes amazing education threads on web3 & NFTs

Beeple – artist of record setting $69 million NFT sale



Jackson Dame

Tom Osman – flipped an Ether Rock for $1.3M, now a legend

Ish Verduzco – on a journey to turn 7 ETH into 120 ETH & sharing everything


Brendan Gahan

Kallaway – one of my first NFT follows

Solana-related links:

Solanart – Solana NFT marketplace

Solsea – the latest & perhaps – in the future – best Solana NFT marketplace

DigitalEyes – the 3rd major Solana NFT marketplace

Phantom – the best SOL wallet I’ve seen – like MetaMask but far superior UI/UX